The sun is shining, the birds are singing, we are shedding layers like crazy—this HAS to be a good omen for our Minnesota Twins home opener today. It reminded us of this super-sexy shoot we did with one of our clients who really knocked it out of the park (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) with her styling and look:

So why do these photos pop off the screen—besides the obvious loveliness of this lady? Picking one standout color against the monochromatic background is always appealing to the eye. In this case it’s racy, sporty red! We love the bit of mystery the baseball cap provides, too. And you can never really go wrong with red heels! Even if you might never wear them “in real life” they’re sexy, fun, and lengthen the leg. The contrast with the black, white, and gray is a total home run.

When you’re planning your shoot wardrobe, consider something he might love—like a favorite team—or hobby he has. Sexy and thoughtful! Or maybe it’s you that loves baseball—or it might be where you went on your first date. Or your best date. Or an inside joke about your worst date. Get creative! Then come to the shoot, where we’ll make your experience a walk in the park. (Sorry, we’re just so jazzed about signs of spring, we can’t help but be punny.)

Contact us if you’re ready to book! We’ve got shoots set up in April for your spring unveiling!