Welcome to the first T&A Tuesday post of 2015! Today’s tip: Incorporate a special item into your photo session for that extra personal touch.

While we always love the lingerie and sexy outfits our clients bring, we always encourage our clients to bring something special to their sessions. Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry or another item that has meaning to you and/or your significant other can really add that personal touch to your photos. We’ve had people bring a musical instrument, a special book, a favorite pair of jeans, a momento from a trip or honeymoon, and a variety of other unique things.  In the photos below, not only did Ms. S bring her husband’s prized guitar, she also has a great nail color that pops in the photos!  If you’re doing the session as a surprise gift we realize it may be tricky to sneak the item out the door but we promise it will be worth it!