Meet Katie Thering & Jeannette Nargelenas

Minneapolis Boudoir Photographers

Minneapolis Boudoir Photographers

Welcome to Blush Twin Cities: Bad-Ass Boudoir Photography! Blush is owned and operated by Jeannette Nargelenas and Katie Thering. We provide a completely female owned and operated boutique boudoir experience serving the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. We’ve been proudly making women feel sexy and beautiful since 2008.

We know that the thought of scheduling a boudoir session can be scary. We have both had boudoir photos taken so we understand what our clients go through during a session. I mean really, who wants to show themselves practically naked to two strangers? Trust us, we get that! We really get that. We are normal, down-to-earth women just like you. We believe that feeling sexy isn’t about your dress size. It’s about attitude.  During one of our boudoir sessions, all you have to do is relax, be yourself, and most importantly, have FUN. Our job is to make you feel comfortable and show you how sexy you really are. Our goal is for you to leave your session feeling empowered and confident; and maybe even a tad more comfortable in your own skin.

Now, a little bit about each of us!! Thanks for stopping by!


  • I call my husband Bubba (but he is thin).
  • I own over 200 cookbooks but I don’t cook.  ~love the images & reading the recipes
  • Wishing 80’s hair would make a comeback!
  • My sister lovingly calls my one-eyed Boston Terrier and black Miniature Schnauzer “The Hell Hounds”.
  • Many of my girlfriends have been in my life since elementary school.  We live across the US but still talk weekly.  (love you gals)
  • I live in my dream house out in the country and feed wild birds year round.
  • Working in my garden makes me happy.
  • I was the first person, on my mom’s side of the family, to get my masters degree.
  • My Dad is an angel watching over me from above and I truly believe that.
  • Have been known to eat Chipotle for breakfast, lunch, dinner & mid-night snack!
  • I worked on a slime-line in Alaska one summer to pay for my college semester in Europe.
  • Margaritias on the rocks ~ hold the salt.


  • I have been a vegetarian for eleven years and enjoy plant-based cooking and reading about healthy living.
  • Music makes me beyond happy. Outside of photography my dream job would be to select music for movies and tv shows.
  • I used to be a landscape architect and I actually was on the HGTV show “Landscape Smart” as a guest designer once.
  • One of my proudest accomplishments is getting my masters degree when I was 24.
  • I currently share my home with two rescued kitties.
  • I am completely in love with mid-century modern architecture and design, and enjoy going thrift store hunting for furnishings from that era.
  • I love having marathon tv watching sessions during the winter.  My current obsessions are the Walking Dead and Downton Abbey.
  • In the summer you can find me on my patio, at the farmer’s market, or on long walks around my neighborhood–when I’m not editing photos, of course!
  • I also photograph weddings & portraits through my business Katie Thering Photography.
Best Portrait Photography

Best Portrait Photography

Lingerie Photography: Blush Twin Cities

Lingerie Photography: Blush Twin Cities

Thank you to Brooke Ringdahl Photography for the fabulous photos!