Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who does a Blush Session?
A) We photograph women of all ages, all body types, and in all professions. Teachers, accountants, students, nurses, lawyers, authors, PTA moms…we’ve photographed them all.  We photograph brides-to-be, women celebrating milestone birthdays or anniversaries, women giving it as a gift to their spouses, or women doing it completely for themselves.  The majority of our clients have had babies. Almost everybody is nervous before their session and that is totally natural. We understand that this is not something you do every day! But our goal is to make you comfortable and most importantly allow you to have fun and feel SEXY!

Q) Do you retouch my photos?
A) Yes, any photos that you choose for your album and/or other products are fully retouched to your specifications. We never make you look like someone else, however, we talk with you during your proofing session about how much retouching you’d like done. We are women too so we understand!

Q) What should I bring to my session?
A) Bring all the sexy lingerie you’ve got! We always recommend at least one colorful outfit as they photograph well in the room. Also bring tall shoes, jewelry, accessories, hats, scarves….it’s fun to have stuff to play with! We most likely won’t use everything you bring, but it’s good to have options to choose from. On average, in a 60 minute session we are able to photograph three to four different looks. If you need a little inspiration, check out these outfits our previous clients put together.

Q) What should I do to prep for my session?
A) Nicely manicured  nails always look great in photos! Use skin lotion all over your body the day before and the morning of your session. Be sure to get your elbows and knees. It makes a big difference in the photos! Upon booking your session, we will send out a more detailed list of tips for preparing for your session.

Q) When should I schedule my session?
A) Ideally, we would like to have a minimum of 4-6 weeks between the time you do your session and when you need your products. We realize that isn’t always possible so as long as you let us know ahead of time we can turn products around in as little as two weeks. Please contact us if you are needing your products before one of our scheduled sessions and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q) Do you offer hair and makeup?
A) We do not currently offer it as part of our collections, however, we’ve worked with some top-notch stylists and are happy to make recommendations if needed. Typically, in the interest of time, we ask you come to the session with your hair and makeup ready.

Q) Where are the sessions held?
A) The sessions are typically held at an upscale hotel in the Twin Cities. Exact locations are announced for each date.

Q) What is a boudoir party?
A) A boudoir party is a group of two or more girlfriends get-together to have a boudoir marathon. They are tons of fun and many of our clients choose to come in for a group session. A boudoir party is a great thing to incorporate into a girls-night-out or bachelorette party! We can accommodate up to five women in one day.

Q) How do we order our photos?
A) Approximately 7-14 days after your session your portraits will be available for in-person viewing. We invite you in to view your photos and make your selections. We require in-person viewing for several reasons. We can help recommend which photos should go in your albums and/or would make great wall portraits. Ultimately, what you order is up to you but we are here to help you make the sexiest album ever!  Some women bring their significant other to the viewing & ordering session, it’s completely up to you.

Q) Do you use my photos on online?
A) We would love to use your photos on our blog, facebook page, or for other promotional materials. However, our clients’ privacy is our utmost priority and we will not share anything you are not comfortable with and names are never used.

Q) I saw a beautiful sexy image in a magazine, Victoria Secret or online and want to know if we could try to recreate the pose?
A) Awesome! Bring any images / inspiration you have found and we will look it over and talk about how we can use / incorporate that inspiration into your images. We  have photographed dozens of women and are confident in posing any body type. We will use our professional judgement on which poses you will rock the most!

Q) Do you do couples boudoir?
A) At this time we do not photograph couples.