Here at Blush, we believe that you’re beautiful just as you are and you’ll never look better than you do now.

But we also believe in taking care of yourself and feeding your spirit—in whatever way that works for you! Each week, we’re going to share some of the things that rock our world and leave us feeling good about ourselves—maybe we can all empower each other to discover or try something new.

From Katie:

I confess, what got me through to door to try Buti Yoga was the week’s theme for the class: boy bands. I mean, I can’t resist taking a fitness class that features songs by my first big crushes! (Don’t worry—if boy bands aren’t your thing, there are other Buti classes with other types of music.) Buti classes combine yoga with dance, cardio, and plyometrics (strength training using your body weight). Buti, according to the website, is a Marathi Indian word meaning “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Intriguing!


For me, working out is a complete stress reliever and mood booster. I look forward to it and need in my life to stay focused and balanced. Some people can do a DVD at home, but I like group classes because they teach me proper form, new exercise techniques, and push me beyond what I think I can do. It’s much harder to “quit” a workout when you’re in a room with other people! Group classes gave me confidence in myself so that I can now hit the weight room or other equipment on my own and know a variety of exercises that I wouldn’t have known without them.

It also made me eager and willing to try something new and work some new muscles, which also motivated me to get to class. When you get into a routine, your body can hit a plateau, so I’ve been focusing on mixing up my workouts. I’m seeing results, and I like it!


I joined about 20 other women in the class, rolled out my mat, and got ready to work. …and work I did. Sweat was dripping off me, but singing along to my favorite boy band of all time—NKOTB—helped a lot. This felt like a whole-body workout, but the focus was on core, glutes, and legs. Rolling my hips while holding a squat position for what felt like forever made me want to collapse and die! (In that painfully good way, of course.)

If you’re in a rut and need to shake things up, or you want to have fun while working out (it’s possible!), this class would be a good bet. I expect that adding it into your regular rotation would yield major results. The day after, my glutes and thighs were sore enough that I took a rest day from the gym. Two days later, I’m still feeling the burn!


Sound fun to you? I just found out Sante Fitness, where I took my class, is hosting a “Girl Power” themed night on April 22. You can sign up online!

Sante Fitness, 7500 Hudson Blvd. N., Ste. 160, Oakdale. $15/class; $1 to rent a mat for class.