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Buti Yoga

Here at Blush, we believe that you’re beautiful just as you are and you’ll never look better than you do now.

But we also believe in taking care of yourself and feeding your spirit—in whatever way that works for you! Each week, we’re going to share some of the things that rock our world and leave us feeling good about ourselves—maybe we can all empower each other to discover or try something new.

From Katie:

I confess, what got me through to door to try Buti Yoga was the week’s theme for the class: boy bands. I mean, I can’t resist taking a fitness class that features songs by my first big crushes! (Don’t worry—if boy bands aren’t your thing, there are other Buti classes with other types of music.) Buti classes combine yoga with dance, cardio, and plyometrics (strength training using your body weight). Buti, according to the website, is a Marathi Indian word meaning “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Intriguing!


For me, working out is a complete stress reliever and mood booster. I look forward to it and need in my life to stay focused and balanced. Some people can do a DVD at home, but I like group classes because they teach me proper form, new exercise techniques, and push me beyond what I think I can do. It’s much harder to “quit” a workout when you’re in a room with other people! Group classes gave me confidence in myself so that I can now hit the weight room or other equipment on my own and know a variety of exercises that I wouldn’t have known without them.

It also made me eager and willing to try something new and work some new muscles, which also motivated me to get to class. When you get into a routine, your body can hit a plateau, so I’ve been focusing on mixing up my workouts. I’m seeing results, and I like it!


I joined about 20 other women in the class, rolled out my mat, and got ready to work. …and work I did. Sweat was dripping off me, but singing along to my favorite boy band of all time—NKOTB—helped a lot. This felt like a whole-body workout, but the focus was on core, glutes, and legs. Rolling my hips while holding a squat position for what felt like forever made me want to collapse and die! (In that painfully good way, of course.)

If you’re in a rut and need to shake things up, or you want to have fun while working out (it’s possible!), this class would be a good bet. I expect that adding it into your regular rotation would yield major results. The day after, my glutes and thighs were sore enough that I took a rest day from the gym. Two days later, I’m still feeling the burn!


Sound fun to you? I just found out Sante Fitness, where I took my class, is hosting a “Girl Power” themed night on April 22. You can sign up online!

Sante Fitness, 7500 Hudson Blvd. N., Ste. 160, Oakdale. $15/class; $1 to rent a mat for class.

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Photo Shoot Inspiration: A Home Run!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, we are shedding layers like crazy—this HAS to be a good omen for our Minnesota Twins home opener today. It reminded us of this super-sexy shoot we did with one of our clients who really knocked it out of the park (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) with her styling and look:

So why do these photos pop off the screen—besides the obvious loveliness of this lady? Picking one standout color against the monochromatic background is always appealing to the eye. In this case it’s racy, sporty red! We love the bit of mystery the baseball cap provides, too. And you can never really go wrong with red heels! Even if you might never wear them “in real life” they’re sexy, fun, and lengthen the leg. The contrast with the black, white, and gray is a total home run.

When you’re planning your shoot wardrobe, consider something he might love—like a favorite team—or hobby he has. Sexy and thoughtful! Or maybe it’s you that loves baseball—or it might be where you went on your first date. Or your best date. Or an inside joke about your worst date. Get creative! Then come to the shoot, where we’ll make your experience a walk in the park. (Sorry, we’re just so jazzed about signs of spring, we can’t help but be punny.)

Contact us if you’re ready to book! We’ve got shoots set up in April for your spring unveiling!

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April Boudoir-a-thon: Think Spring!

So what if we’re writing this on the eve of a late-season blizzard? We’re making spring happen. We’re bringing it back. We’re willing it into being. Shed some layers, dust on a little bronzer, and get ready to show some skin: Our April Boudoir-a-Thon is nearly upon us, which means you should get to signing up for your session. Once named to a Best-Of list for Minnesota Monthly magazine, we are more committed than ever to bringing the best, brightest, most beautiful version of you on camera. We love showing women exactly how beautiful they are—and whether you share it with anyone else is only your business. But we can share with you that it’s a beautiful, fun, and empowering experience. Think about it: Spring is kind of season of love, is it not? Love yourself. Love others. Revel in the beauty. It’s time to bloom, ladies.TwinCitiesBoudoirPhotography5

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Blazin’ Hot

Inspired by our posts on both the Little Black Dress and the Borrowed from The Boys: The White Shirt posts earlier this week, we were reminded of an even more outside-the-box wardrobing choice that made for a sensational photograph. Behold:

Wowza, right? there are a few things that are just working in this photo. One—the surprise of the blazer. It’s not necessarily the first article of clothing that comes to mind for a boudoir shoot, right? And yet…. with the styling and the attitude, it is gorgeous! We may be revealing our ages here, but it does hark back to a certain Janet Jackson era, and everyone found that one irresistible, too!

Secondly, those shoes! Even if you don’t wear high heels much (or at all) in real life, they are ideal for photo shoots. They lengthen your entire line of your body, and get all those muscles working so that they are popping in all the right places. And there’s a reason why they are beloved the world over—and it’s not for their comfort. It’s a fashion-over-function situation that pays off for the few moments it takes to snap your photo.

Lastly, both the color of the blazer and the color of her shoes really kapow! right off the page (or screen, as it were). We shoot in an intentionally neutral setting, which allows for beautiful natural light and a modern but not overly styled background so that you’re the star. That also means the sky’s the limit for setting the tone and mood of your shoot and photos. Consider a bright pop of color for some of your shots, even if you’re normally a peaches-and-cream kind of girl. You can see here what a payoff it can be!

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Borrowed from the Boys: The White Shirt

Earlier this week, we were jazzed about the Little Black Dress as a prop for a super-sexy photographic statement. That’s not the only thing you can pull from your (or his) closet to make for a shoot that’s uniquely you. Today we’re talking a menswear staple that has also become a woman’s wardrobe go-to: The White Shirt. Crisp, clean, and timeless, it’s a piece that is known simultaneously for its professionalism, versatility, and out-and-out sex appeal. With a fitted pencil skirt, you dominate the boardroom. Worn by itself, a bauble or two, or his tie, you dominate the bedroom.

We love the photo above—small accessories and tall heels that lengthen the leg and provide a little color pop! It’s sexy, but not overly revealing and feels like a look inside a brief moment.Get out your paper fan for the photo above! Here’s where the borrowed from the boys really comes into play. One thought: You can certainly bring his shirt to the shoot and wear it, but depending on your size, your shirt will fit you better (and look more flattering) on camera. Add his tie, his cuff links or a spritz of his cologne to channel him  and bring out that truly cool masculine-feminine mix.We just love this last photo. It looks like a painting, right? The line of her back, her dainty hands, the polish on the heel. It’s so classy and beautiful. Sometimes we say, if we had photos of our grandmothers like this, we would frame and hang them as art in our homes. All of our Blush Bombshells are works of art.

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